Legacies of Power

The upcoming ARTJOG 2014 will feature the theme of Legacies of Power with a focus on the year 2014, a political year for Indonesia where we will go through a major and important task that is the general election, the democratic process where new leaders will be chosen, including ultimately a new president. Such transfer of power which will occur amidst recent decade’s chaotic political situation marked by rampant corruption resulting in the decline of people’s confidence and a low economic growth makes 2014 interesting to watch.

But in order to look forward we need to understand the past. Legacies of Power attempts to discuss democracy by looking back at the history of the various types of power struggles in Indonesia, including physical wars, diplomacy bids, and the democratic styles of general elections. Enquiry into this phenomenon is important, as there are many things that we can still learn from it.

Will 2014 be a turning point for Indonesia or will we continue to decline? As we look into the future while simultaneously reflect on the history of transfers of power in our nation, how should we interpret this momentum of change?

Client : ARTJOG14
Year : 2014