ART|JOG|13 will feature a theme of ‘MARITIME CULTURE’, a continuation of the previous theme of ART|JOG|12 ‘LOOKING EAST – A Gaze upon Indonesian Contemporary Art’. The theme ‘MARITIME CULTURE’ is chosen as an attempt to demonstrate how maritime culture is one of the specific characteristics of the island nation of Indonesia. With the sea as the base as well as a gateway, there is this common awareness of marine civilization because nations that utilize the sea are bound to mutual tolerance and respect while honoring borders and jurisdictions. A maritime nation exists upon recognizing the existence of others. I exist because you exist, and vice versa.
On the other hand is the mainland (continental) civilization that always tends to extend one’s nation, hence the arising conflicts are always of territory and power.
Pertaining to the maritime culture, Indonesia has an important position in the current development of the world today in terms of political, economic, social, and cultural. In the field of visual arts, Indonesia also has a huge potential as it is supported by a significant number of progressive artists and a very flourishing art atmosphere with its almost weekly exhibitions, a phenomenon that is related to the diverse artistic traditions of Indonesia.
The maritime culture and all of its derivatives is expected to appear in the featured works of the upcoming ART|JOG|13.