BRONXINC formed in February 1st 2012 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. BRONXINC as a clothing company would be focused on male fashion outfit as the target audience. BRONXINC producing T-shirt with surely qualified material and the indulging of comfort wear for every customer. BRONXINC, has a unique character design, with its simple, creative, and masculine. Occasionally, there are provocative quotes inside the T-shirt’s design as the BRONXINC identity.
The expression liberty become a plus value for every design, just like a masculinity freedom to expressed their truly figure. Their idealism of never ever stoop one’s head to the patrons, and liable to be rebel for a truly figure freedom would be reflected from BRONXINC.
For a temporary time, BRONXINC’s products available at Gate Store, Jl. Kaliurang Km.5, Pandega Karya No. 290, Yogyakarta. BRONXINC would be available for online order soon, while the product could be seen online at .

For more information:
Twitter: @ BRONXINC_YK
FB or Fan Page: / bronxinc.yk
Email: @
SMS: 089672014885/081556531253
BB PIN: 274FD7B8

Talent : Faridstevyasta & Gloria Bernadine
Director by : Hanes & Acid
Cameraman : Gilang Kusuma 
Photographer by : mokstimofeevic Wolffang
Editing Video by : LEPASKENDALI-YK
OST by : Suck it and see - Arctic Monkeys